Cottage Paint furniture restoring

COTTAGE PAINT  offers an easy way to renew and restore your furniture so you can  re-love it all over again.


As long as your surface is clean, sealed and sound, no primingno sanding, no stripping is required. It can be applied directly over a varnished or laquered surface. Once dry, it can be easily distressed with a damp cloth. Leaves a velvety smooth time-worn chalky finish. Using a damp cloth instead of sandpaper to distress the surface protects the fine detailing found on furniture. Check out the blog article in Upper Village Life to see customer pics of their projects.


  Painting with Cottage Paint is Simple, Relaxing and Rewarding. 

It's therapeutic!


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or go here for great how-to videos!

Cottage Paint, Serenity


Don’t want that “Vintage Look”? You simply want to paint your furniture and give it a fresh new look? Cottage Paint now offers a New Mineral Paint called “Serenity”. Simply prep, then paint, no top-coat required. More than just a furniture paint. It can be used inside and out to paint walls, trim and doors. Reinforced with acrylic and urethane for a durable finish that offers great adhesion to glossy surfaces. 

No priming. No sanding. Low VOC.  Available in 50 shades of Cottage Paint.

More chic than shabby!


A customer used Serenity here to transform his child's bedroom dresser. Another customer used Serenity here to transform a hallway table.

Urban Paint, Liquid Metal paint

Urban Paint

Don’t want the shabby chic look? Prefer a RUSTIC URBAN look? Urban Paint offers a New Hybrid Emulsion Metallic Paint. Simply prep, then paint, no top-coat required. Your friends will ask,“How did you do that?” Also try our Urban Suede product to create a completely different look. Venture over to the Urban Paint site to find out how.

New technology. Hybrid emulsion. Blend of water and plant oil. Environmentally safe. Low VOC. Great adhesion. No priming or sanding provided the surface is clean, sealed and sound. Beautiful self leveling. Superior surface strength. Low odour. Water cleanup. Applies to furniture, cabinetry and walls. Interior/exterior. Available in gold, copper, brass, silver, cashmere and many more metallic colours.

Metallic Wax, Cottage Paint

Metallic Wax

Oh so many uses! 

A touch here and a touch there instantly adds Elegance or an Urban appeal to any project.  Go ahead and give it a go.

Used as a decorative coating to create a metallic appearance.

Apply multiple coats with a waxing brush or damp sponge. 

Dries very fast.  Does not need to be clear coated but if one so desires use a Satin or Gloss finish.

Antique Glaze, Cottage Paint

Antique Glaze

Tired of rubbing and rubbing that wax finish  but want a vintage look, try adding glaze! Simply wipe or brush it on.


Used to age the surface and accent ornate detailing on furniture. This glaze also allows you to play with paint colors. Adding the Midnight Glaze on top of Crimson Red makes the red richer and emphasizes the grain in the wood. Generously apply with a brush or damp sponge. Then remove with a clean brush or damp sponge to achieve the desired effect. This product will offer a protective coating for causal use. Available in 6 colors Asphalt, Midnight, Umber, Molasses, Redwood, and Mahogany.

Easy Crackle, Cottage Paint

Easy Crackle

Produces a cracked effect for either an authentic aged look or for fun using contrasting colours.

Apply a coat of crackle with a brush on top of a surface painted with Cottage Paint. Allow to dry. They say “It’s like watching paint dry” well you won’t want to miss this! It doesn’t matter how many times you do it the response is always the same....WOW

Stencils, Cottage Paint


A range of stencils are available to embellish counter tops, desktops or anywhere that calls out for a certain "jeune séquoia".

Cottage Paint Texture Paste

Texture Paste

Looking to create something different , then this is the  product for you!


Used to create many different textures on table tops or drawer fronts. Available in black and white. Can create textured stencils, wood grain, leather and reptile patterns plus other imprinted patterns. Then apply paint, glazes or metallic waxes to emphasize the pattern you have created. Some techniques are very easy and others may need a little practice.



These brushes have double the bristle, so they go twice as far with one dip in the paint.

Acrylic Varnish, Cottage Paint

Acrylic Varnish

Used as an interior water-based clear sealer. Adds different levels of protection depending on the sheen level chosen. Apply with a poly-nylon brush. Allowing more time in between coats will help the surface to cure faster. It can be recoated in approximately 2-4 hours depending on the humidity. However over night would allow the moisture to evaporate out of the surface before applying another coat and entrapping the moisture. 8 oz jar will cover 12-25 sq ft. Available in Flat, Low Sheen, Satin and Gloss.


Bees Wax Soft, Cottage Paint

Bees Wax Soft

Used as an interior natural clear sealer. Protects against casual use. Will polish to a satin finish. Apply a thin coat of wax with a soft lint free cloth or a wax brush. Allow time to dry then polish with a soft cloth to a even shine. 8 oz jar will cover 30-50 sq ft. Allow a final 24 hour drying time before use. Requires continual maintenance.

See our Benjamin Moore product line for more paint options.