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Each month new collections from the world's top wallcovering designers arrive at Upper Village Paint & Wallpaper. Visit us at 1162 Eglinton Ave West to explore our library of wallpaper books. Many collections can be borrowed for 48 hours. Below are the new arrivals for the 2017 Fall season.


Atlas Wallcoverings new collection Signature: The First Look
A few images from Atlas Wallcoverings' new collection Signature: The First Look

Signature The First One

A very contemporary collection from Atlas, Signature offers the extraordinary without being shocking. Printed on a very delicate non-woven material using 53 cm (20.87”) widths, there is something for every taste and fancy for feeling well and leaving room for experiments. There are birds, boats, cityscapes, maps, etc ... in this collection, all inspired by trips around the world and designed to convey a comfortable style of living. 


Atlas Wallcoverings' new collection Stitches
A few images from Atlas Wallcoverings' new collection Stitches


Stitches is a 70 cm (27.56”) wide non-woven wallcovering topped with with deep embossed vinyl resembling stitched materials. Some of its fine hatching lines are hardly visible to the naked eye. Stitches creates places of calm, movement and communication configured according the customer’s whim.


Atlas Wallcoverings' new collection Temptation
A few images from Atlas Wallcoverings' new collection Temptation


Temptation is a 70 cm (27.56”) wide floral collection printed on the best non-woven material, with effects achieved by overprinted structured vinyl. Its appealing range of flower designs are available in an array of beautiful options, all oozing with vivacity and sophistication. Drawing on original artwork, the wallpaper collection represents a mix of subtle silhouettes and extravagant colours and patterns. Temptation represents the best in dynamic and modern floral design.


About ATLAS WALLCOVERING - - For the last three decades, Atlas Wallcoverings has been committed to yesterday's values and tomorrow's ideas. Walls have the power to change their environments, how they look, how they work, how they feel. The Belgian company’s aim is to make better walls for their customers. “Better walls make better environments.” 


Collins & Company's new collection Monaco 2
A few images from Collins & Company's new collection Monaco 2

Monaco 2

This upscale collection from Collins & Company brings the French Riviera into your living room. Monaco 2 offers an array of damask and stripe prints, enhanced with hints of sparkle in the style of Monte Carlo.


About COLLINS & COMPANY - - Collins & Company has an experienced design and print staff that uses a blend of modern and traditional print techniques to produce one of the widest ranges of designs in the industry. The range of their expertise includes rotary & flat silk screen printing, antique surface printing, precise gravure printing, repeat-less digital printing and textile string pattern application. Designs can be printed on various classes of paper, non-woven, grasscloth and cork using many kinds of environmentally sensitive inks.


Serving the New York and international wallpaper design community, Collins & Company’s materials are sourced with a concern for their impact on the environment. Paper-based designs are only printed on pulp sourced from certified and well-managed forests. They rely solely on water based ink that can be easily filtered after the production processes.



Marburg's new collection Tango designed by Dieter Langer
A few images from Marburg's new collection Tango designed by Dieter Langer

Tango - Dieter Langer

Dieter Langer, designer-in-chief at the Marburg Wallpaper Factory, presents Tango, the fifth collection bearing his name. “Less is more” describes the contemporary philosophy dominating the interior design of houses and apartments, meeting the desire for calm and structure in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. Tango brings its minimalist contribution to the table.


About MARBURG - - One of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers in Europe, Marburg prides itself on its 170 years of inventiveness, uncompromising quality, attention to detail and passion for wallcovering. The Marburg Wallpaper Factory is a medium-sized family firm, led by the fifth generation of the founding family. Products are 100% "made in Germany". The Marburg Wallpaper Factory is famous throughout the world for unique crushed-look designs, wall dressings with rhinestones and pearls, wallcoverings that glow.



Pear Tree Studio's new collection Mica
A few images from Pear Tree Studio's new collection Mica


Introducing its debut wallpaper collection, Pear Tree Studios present Mica, a collection of sophisticated designs with an exquisite finish. A rich colour palette adds to the depth of luxury accentuated with details of metallic, raised inks, glitter, and beads. Classic designs of damask and tropical leaves are balanced with modern geometrics and graphic floral patterns. Strong designs are available in a variety of colours to fit the needs of today’s contemporary home.


About PEAR TREE STUDIOS - - Designed specifically with the consumer in mind, Pear Tree Studios’ wallpapers are produced in USA and Holland using only the finest quality materials.



Source One's new collection Hommage Zaha Hadid
A few images from Source One's new collection Hommage Zaha Hadid

Hommage Zaha Hadid

Hadid and her team worked on this line shortly before her unexpected death in March 2016. 

Source One’s Zaha Hadid Hommage collection is a nod to design’s future. Zaha Hadid, dubbed as the Queen of the Curve by the British press because of her liberation of architectural geometry, is a world-renowned architectural influence. ‘Hommage’ represents some of her last designwork, before her untimely death in March 2016. This is a specialty collection of wallcoverings, which is made up of extremely large-scale designs and murals. It is a memorial to Hadid's work, featuring her fascinating use of organic forms that create art for the wall.

About SOURCE ONE - - An independently owned company, they describe themselves as pattern-loving, colour-happy, design-obsessed individuals. Source One’s collection stems from a unique collaboration between the WSG Global Network distribution alliance and the award-winning Lehrmitt Associates design team, including Bob Lehrmitt and Alaina Chambers. They work with countless architects and designers around the country to help them choose, refine and transform our artwork into stylish, beautiful interior finishes.


Wallquest's new collection French Impressionist
A few images from Wallquest's new collection French Impressionist

French Impressionist

A collection of wallcoverings related to the works of great impressionists Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas. These 19-century painters were devoted to capturing the mood and lighting of the moment. The wallpaper glitters with half-tones and vibrant colours perfectly reflecting the play of the lights and the spirit of the Impressionist era.


Wallquest's new collection Fusion
A few images from Wallquest's new collection Fusion


Fusion abounds with berries, circles with beads and damask on grasscloth mylar. Also look for diamonds, ginko Leaf and Moroccan tile. The Fusion Collection pleases the eye and enriches the soul with a wallcovering array of extraordinary appeal.


Wallquest's new collection 3D Classical
A few images from Wallquest's new collection 3D Classical

3D Classical

Based on the effects of light and shadow, this clever collection of patterns creates a three dimensional effect for contemporary and traditional interiors. Inspired by modernist architecture, and natural forms the designs are warm, dramatic, and luxurious. Embrace the sophistication of classical style with a modern twist.

About WALLQUEST - - The Lafoy family of Lyon, France have been involved with wallpaper since the 1820's. Today WallQuest is one of the most innovative wallpaper manufacturers in the world. Quality, colour and design, product innovation and unwavering dedication to tradition have earned the company a respected place in the global home furnishings sector. Its products are made in the United States and sold in more than sixty countries. The company is family owned and operated just like Henry Lafoy would have liked.