Upper Village Paint & Wallpaper staff

Upper Village Paint & Wallpaper is more than paint and wallpaper; it’s more than a decor centre for customers to discover Benjamin Moore colours and products; more than a store to enjoy Para Paint alternatives; more than custom colour matches and furniture restoring Cottage Paint; more than a place to explore the exotic world of wallpaper; more than a destination for paint supplies, stains, caulking, epoxies, rust reformers, hammers and rakes. It’s more than a location to shop for custom closets or for premium hardware such as luxurious handlesets, pulls and knobs. We pride ourselves on being part of the neighbourhood, supplying convenient services that residents will find useful. The execution of these services, whether it involves key cutting, knife sharpening or window and screen repair, ranges from while-you-wait to completion within 2-4 days.

keys cut

Keys cut in store

Need an extra house key for the family? Lost the spare key? All staff at Upper Village Paint & Wallpaper are able to cut keys. Keys for all standard locks are cut in the store while you wait.

window and screen repair

Windows frames and screens repaired

 Windows and screens need repair occasionally. Local residents find it convenient to drop off their ‘wounded’ windows and screens at Upper Village Paint & Wallpaper. Repairs are done in a timely basis by qualified professionals offsite. Serviced windows and screens are available for pickup at the store within a few days.

knives sharpened

Non-serrated knives and scissors sharpened

Time to give that chef’s knife a new edge! Annoyingly dull blades are transformed into gleaming sharp knives and are available for pickup within a few days. Tomatoes will be easy to cut once again! Only non-serrated knives are accepted.